Ellis Clark



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  • Beverage of choice: Negroni
  • If I weren’t a Real Estate Agent I would be: Design/Branding Strategist
  • Can’t live without: A good cup of coffee
  • Current obsession: Gardening 
  • Non-Profit of choice: Project Color Corps
  • Favorite Restaurant in LA: Factory Kitchen 
  • Favorite watering hole: Oldfield’s Liquor Room
  • Client’s first impressionHe’ll go above and beyond


The son of a designer and real estate agent, Ellis merges those passions into one cohesive package. Before moving to Los Angeles and into the world of real estate, Ellis worked at a design consultancy in the Bay Area with clients such as Herman Miller and FLOR. While there, he led numerous studies on understanding the humanistic and emotive power of space which he brings to his current real estate clients. Working as a flipper, agent and designer, Ellis understands the emotional connection between people and their homes and works tirelessly to maximize the potential for clients and investors alike.





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