David Hitchman



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  • Beverage of choice: Espresso and/or Whiskey over Ice
  • If I weren’t a Real Estate Agent I would be: Menswear Designer
  • Can’t live without: Being near the Ocean
  • Current obsession: Golf and Sushi
  • Non-Profit of choice: Charity Water
  • Best New LA Restaurant: Saffy’s 
  • Favorite watering hole: Bigfoot Lodge East
  • Client’s first impression: Genuinely interested in the Humans I meet!

David is a Canadian-born real estate professional with a diverse background in business and community service. He attended Trinity Western University, where he studied Business Administration, and began his career in the fashion industry, working in menswear for several years before transitioning to the non-profit sector in New York City.

David’s passion for real estate led him to relocate to Southern California, where he has since established himself as a successful realtor with a keen eye for construction and development opportunities. With his unique blend of business acumen, community service experience, and knowledge of the real estate market, David is able to provide his clients with exceptional service and results. Whether working with first-time homebuyers or seasoned investors, David is committed to helping his clients achieve their real estate goals and make informed decisions about their investments.

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