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  • Beverage of choice: Templeton rye
  • If I weren’t a Real Estate Agent I would be: A Traveling musician. 
  • Can’t live without: the beach
  • Current obsession: landscaping
  • Non-Profit of choice: World Vision, International Justice Mission
  • Best New LA Restaurant: the window at American Beauty, ma’am sir. 
  • Favorite watering hole: Pretty Dirty LA. Best drinks I’ve ever had.
  • Client’s first impression: this guy must have a great personality. ; )

A southern California native, Chris grew up watching and learning from his Dad in commercial and residential real estate. Chris graduated from USC with a BA in International Relations. After working in Eastern Europe and Hawai’i, Chris returned to LA to pursue a career in Acting.  He enjoys hosting dinners, surfing, football, writing, and traveling with his wife and two kids. “Living in a big city shaped my value of space, of having something to call your own. It brings me great joy in helping others find a space to call their own.”


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