Chris Jinna



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  • Beverage of choice: Essentia water
  • If I weren’t a Real Estate Agent I would be:  Sports analyst (ESPN) or in law enforcement
  • Can’t live without: MY PHONE!!
  • Current obsession: Educating myself on investment (stocks)
  • Non-Profit of choice: not sure
  • Best New LA Restaurant: CatchLA
  • Favorite watering hole: any bar that serves great Whiskey Sours!
  • Client’s first impression: “Wow you’re so positive!”


Hi my name is Chris Jinna! I share the same 3rd generation Grandparents as Vice President Kamala Harris! 

I was born in Los Angeles, Ca in 1989. At the age of 4, I moved to the the valley in West Covina, where I grew up and graduated from South Hills High School.  My passion has always been in basketball, football, & baseball.

As I got older, I wanted to evolve as a person and teach myself something new in life, so I decided to learn about Real Estate! I’ve always been interested in how homes were built but never thought about pursuing a career in this field until I finally convinced myself that it was time to get my license & here I am!

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